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Our proofreaders are made the basis of marine algae contain a wide variety of nutrients and minerals essential for growth and development.

Deficiency correctorsCARO

It is a double-checker of deficiency states, since it corrects the deficiencies in calcium and magnesium, and the imbalances caused in their assimilation.

Deficiency correctorsCARME

It is a product with a high content of calcium. It is essential for the normal development of roots, stem and buds and, in general, for any

Deficiency correctorsTORPEDO

It is a corrector of deficiencies multi-whose formulation incorporates all the microelements (Fe, Mn, Cu, Zn, B and Mo) are necessary for a proper developed vegetative

Deficiency correctorsSECUENTA

Concealer liquid manifold that prevents and corrects deficiencies and imbalances of several microelements in all types of crops.

Deficiency correctorsNUTRICIA Cu EDTA

Corrector copper, and fast-acting effect. Powder of high solubility indicated to prevent and correct the deficiency states due to deficiencies and

Deficiency correctorsNUTRICIA Mn EDTA

Deficiency Corrector Manganese specially formulated to treat all symptoms of deficiencies in acidic or basic soils.

Deficiency correctorsNUTRICIA Zn EDTA

Product corrector deficiencies of Zinc of high quality and solubility, suitable for all types of crops.

Deficiency correctorsNUTRICIA Mg EDTA

Product for the formation of chlorophyll and the metabolism of the plant, in addition to helping to maintain balanced numerous reactions of synthesis

Deficiency correctorsNUTRICIA Fe EDTA

Helps the formation of chlorophyll and proteins, photosynthesis and to the fixation of atmospheric nitrogen.

Deficiency correctorsMAX FERRO

Checker ferric soil application that provides iron to the plant.

Deficiency correctorsSupply of nutrients necessary for the development of the crops

Our proofreaders are made the basis of marine algae contain a wide variety of nutrients and minerals essential for the growth and development of plants, such as nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron, zinc, and other micronutrients. Can provide these types of nutrients in a form easily assimilated, allowing to quickly overcome the shortcomings and improve your performance.

In addition, this type of braces can also strengthen the structure of the plants and to improve the ability of resistance to abiotic stress. Like other products based on algae, the deficiency correctors can improve the biological activity of the soil, favoring the multiplication of beneficial microorganisms.

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