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Sems CompanySociedad Española de Microalgas y Subproductos

In SEMS (Spanish society of Microalgae and Subproducts) we are a company specialized in the production of biostimulants and plant protection made to base of marine algae.

In our team we have experts in biotechnology and in the cultivation of the algae, which allows us to offer products of the highest quality and effectiveness for the care and protection of the crops.

We are passionate about what we do and we are committed to the development of sustainable solutions for agriculture. That is why all of our products are formulated with natural ingredients and are environmentally friendly, since they minimize the negative impact on the earth and the water.

We take pride in knowing that our products help farmers to get crops healthier and more abundant, while at the same time reduce the use of synthetic chemicals and the risks to human health.

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ServicesOur services

As one of the leading companies in manufacturing of biosoluciones farm in Spain, we offer our customers a wide range of products, fertilizers, plant nutrition and supplies plant protection composition 100% organic, suitable to the standards of sustainability in agriculture.

Thank you to our staff specialized in microbiology and the facilities r+D+I we have, we formulations of high returns that are an alternative to the chemical fertilizers used in conventional agriculture. We work in collaboration with research centres and universities in order to stay at the forefront of the stimulation of organic.


Productos BiofertilizantesOur products

Marine algae are a source of natural and sustainable nutrients and bioactive compounds that can be used in agriculture to increase production, improve the quality of crops and protect them from disease and abiotic stress.

Our products based on seaweed extract containing a unique combination of macro-and micronutrients, amino acids, vitamins, plant hormones, and antioxidants that work in synergy to stimulate the growth of the roots, increase the absorption of nutrients, strengthen the structure of plants and increase the tolerance to abiotic stress.

In addition, our biosoluciones phytosanitary offer a natural alternative and effective chemical pesticides, thereby reducing the environmental pollution and improving food security.

All products of SEMS are backed by scientific studies and have several quality labels and certifications, evidence proven that they are safe for the environment and human health.

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Our biostimulants are formulated from extracts of marine algae carefully selected and processed to ensure maximum quality and effectiveness. The obtaining of the seaweed extract is made using an extraction process that is using innovative techniques and respectful with the environment in order to preserve the nutritional properties and bioactive algae.

Once obtained, the extract of seaweed, it proceeds to the formulation of the biostimulant by the combination of the extracts with other natural and organic ingredients to enhance its nutritional properties and bioactive. This formulation is carefully developed by our team of experts in biostimulants agricultural to ensure maximum effectiveness in the field.


The process begins with the harvesting of the seaweed in water areas clean and free of pollution, where there are species of greatest quality and wealth of nutritional.
Then, the algae are subjected to a process of washing and dehydration to remove impurities and reduce the moisture.
After this process, the algae are subjected to an extraction process that uses techniques of pressure and heat to extract the bioactive compounds from algae and concentrate them in liquid form.

Wide variety of biostimulants

In SEMS, you'll find a wide variety of bio-stimulants formulated based algae extract, all of them high-quality and backed by scientific tests. If you have any questions or need some advice on what is the best biostimulant for your crops, you are welcome to contact us

CompanyOur algaes

In the types of algae that we use in SEMS find the value of difference makes us stand in terms of quality. From our company we claim the importance of making use of this type of biostimulation in agriculture and how its features can improve the soil quality and crop production.

In this section we present the different types of algae that we use, which will allow you to learn first-hand about the origin, benefits, and specific characteristics of each species. This knowledge will serve as a valuable tool to understand first-hand the quality and the benefits that the products SEMS offer.

The type of unicellular alga Nannochloropsis gaditana is a species highly valued as a biostimulant on the farm. This microalga is characterized by its high content in polyunsaturated fatty acids, proteins, pigments, and carbohydrates, which makes it a source of plant nutrition very complete.

Among the benefits that it brings as a main component of biosoluciones agricultural stands out by its ability to stimulate the growth of the plant and improve its resilience to environmental stress factors such as drought, frost or high temperatures. In addition, secondary promotes the absorption of nutrients, resulting in an increase of the production and quality of crops.

The use of the Nannochloropsis gaditana is especially indicated for use in organic farming, as it contains no chemicals harmful to the environment. In addition, the product composition 100% natural, does not pose any hazard to the food safety.

In summary, the biosoluciones made based Nannochloropsis gaditana are options of biostimulation very interesting thanks to its nutritional properties and its ability to improve the growth and resistance of plants. Sustainable and respectful with the ecosystem by more and more farmers rely upon to improve their agricultural production.

Spirulina platensis is a microalgae filamentous in recent years, it has gained great importance due to its nutritional properties and benefits as a biostimulant. Rich in amino acids, polysaccharides, phytohormones, trace elements and antioxidants, it is configured as an excellent supplement for biological agriculture.

In addition to its nutritional value, Spirulina platensis also stands out for its ability to stimulating the growth and resistance of a plant. The application in crops products formulated on the basis of this type of seaweed improves the absorption of nutrients by the plant and increases their photosynthetic activity, resulting in an increase of the production and quality of crops.

Another important advantage that has this class of microalgae as a biostimulant is that it can be used both in conventional crops as organic agriculture thanks to its versatility. The formulated products based on Spirulina platensis are completely natural, so you do not involve the presence of chemical substances that may be harmful to health or the environment.

In summary, the Spirulina platensis based his interest in their properties and benefits as a biostimulant. Its ability to improve the growth and resistance of plants, as well as to increase the production and quality of crops, makes biosoluciones composed by this microalga in a very important tool for farmers.

The Scenedesmus belongs to a genus of unicellular microalgae with the shape of a sphere or ellipsoid. This type of microalgae are highly valued as a biostimulant, since they present a large amount of nutrients and bioactive compounds that can improve the growth and health of the plants.

Among the features of Scenedesmus is its high content of proteins, lipids and carbohydrates, as well as their ability to synthesize antioxidant compounds and pigments, which can promote the photosynthesis in plants. In addition, these microalgae also have a high concentration of minerals such as iron, calcium, magnesium and phosphorus, essential for the development of the plant.

The application of biostimulants agricultural formulated based Scenedesmus increases the resistance of crops against environmental stress factors and the quality of these.

In addition, the application fits to sustainable practices and environmentally necessary in the current agriculture. Since it is a microalga, their production does not require large amounts of water or soil, which reduces the environmental impact and the carbon footprint associated with the production of fertilizers. The use of this alga as a biostimulant is a suitable alternative to improve the performance and to avoid a negative impact.

The Anabaena variabilis is a microalga belonging to the filamentous cyanobacteria that are found in aquatic environments and wet from all over the world. By the amount of nutrients and bioactive compounds that possess it, is a compound that is highly valued for the manufacture of bio-fertilizers able to improve the growth and health of the plants.

An important feature of this type of microalgae for use as a biostimulant is their ability to fix atmospheric nitrogen. In addition, this cyanobacterium has a high concentration of amino acids, proteins, lipids, and carbohydrates, as well as the ability to synthesize bioactive compounds such as phytohormones, enzymes, and pigments that can promote the growth and development of crops.

The application of Anabaena variabilis as biosolución agricultural contributes to reducing the use of nitrogen fertilizer, as a cyanobacterium that is capable of fixing atmospheric nitrogen and convert it into a form assimilable by plants. Also, like other types of algae are involved in the improvement of resistance of the crop against environmental stress factors and to promote the absorption of nutrients.

The manufacture of fertilizer products based on this type of cyanobacterium benefits the environment, as it represents an energy savings greater in comparison to the expenditure on resources derived from the manufacture of the types of fertilizers conventional.

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